Medox is a quality product, developed and produced in Norway. Anthocyanins have many health-related, positive qualities: In addition to being important antioxidants, anthocyanins have shown to promote blood vessel health.

Ingredients per capsule: 80 mg anthocyanins from bilberries and black currants, cellulose (capsule), maltodextrin, citric acid. Medox contains no synthetic additives.

Content per box: 30 capsules

Serving size: 1-2 capsules per day, more if necessary. Take the capsules with water (not dairy products). Minimum quantity to be ordered is 3 boxes. This netshop supports one-time-purchases only, no subscription.

3 Pack Medox 80 mg (90 capsules) 577,00 NOK + postage and packaging NOK 60
6 Pack Medox 80 mg (180 capsules) 1 154,00 NOK + postage and packaging NOK 90
9 Pack Medox 80 mg (270 capsules) 1 731,00 NOK + postage and packaging NOK 120
12 Pack Medox 80 mg (380 capsules) 2 308,00 NOK + postage and packaging NOK 120


Scandinavian customers: Please use Norwegian/Swedish netshops.
German customers: Please use the German netshop.

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